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Lindsey Greyling and Ingrid Hardy chat about being artists, working with sketch cards, art tools, tech, and techniques. Created as a companion to “The Art of Sketch Cards” book series, each week we interview other people working in the card industry as artists, publishers, collectors, and producers! Join us as we try to find out what the future of art might be and why we do this to ourselves.

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Episode 11 – Sketchopolix

Summary In this episode we go incognito with Sketchopolix! He talks about the business side of buying, selling, and collecting sketch cards, as well as how he himself got into collecting.   To find Sketchopolis, simply search for his name – he will turn up!   Support the show! Donate or buy us a coffee…

Episode 10 – Karen Watt Cowan

Summary Karen Watt Cowan is part of the printing team that is Iconix Digital Arts. In this episode, Lindsey and I talk to Karen about starting a company, creating sketch cards for artists, and what Iconix has to offer both artists and publishers.   You can find Karen at the following places:  Facebook Messenger: m.me@iconix.biz Website:…

Episode 9 – Chatting with Jamie Cosley

Summary Today  Lindsey and I talk with Jamie Cosley – he is the cartoonist behind the Light Side, a single panel comic that runs monthly in the pages of Star Wars Insider magazine. He is also the co-creator of the all ages comic book series BlueScar the Barbarian! You can find Jamie Cosley at the following places: Website: https://jamiecosley.com/…

Your Hosts

Ingrid KV Hardy

Long Dog Designs

Artist, illustrator, author, creator, and now pretending to be a podcaster, Ingrid Hardy works with sketch cards (over 16 years), acrylic paint and watercolors, and occasionally creates book illustrations. Author and coordinator of three books: The Art of Sketch Cards I, II, and III. Clients include Topps Entertainment, LucasFilm, Upper Deck, RRParks Cards, Iconic Cards, Perna Studios, Quebec Cheval.

Lindsey Greyling

Leg Day Cards

Artist, illustrator, and creator, and now also pretending to be a podcaster, Lindsey Greyling has been working with sketch cards, and creating characters. Clients include Topps Entertainment, RRParks Cards, Iconic Cards, Perna Studios, and many others.

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